Introducing: White Antelope

Wanneer Robin Pecknold niet met Fleet Foxes op de lappen is, kan de man het niet laten om ook solo zijn muzikale besognes te delen met de mensheid.

Onder de naam White Antelope laat Pecknold de psychedelische à capella voor wat het is en smeedt hij breekbare, aangrijpende liefdesliederen (of wat had u gedacht).

Op zijn Myspace pagina is ondermeer False Knight On The Road terug te vinden. Een eigenzinnige impressie van een oude traditionele Engelse folksong.

Dit is wat de man zelf te vertellen heeft over zijn solo project.


I used to post demos of songs on that page before the record came out. The Guitar Duet thing dates from when we were recording the LP and the cover of False Knight I did about two weeks ago. I posted the first demo of Blue Ridge Mountains (when it was called Stirring, before the other Stirring) on there before. I might put that back up, it had different instrumentation and was kinda cool….

Right now I am alone in this house we’ve rented to record the next record in and tomorrow I’m going to record a cover of Ridge Rider, the Judee Sill song, for this compilation. Trying to write new stuff is hard right now for some reason.

I want to do a record of really spare stuff for White Antelope so it may be recorded this year. I dunno if that is a good name though.

Thinking out loud.


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